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Equitable Distribution Of Your ‘Nest Egg’ Savings

Retirement accounts often make up the largest marital assets. Yet many people getting divorced do not know what their total portfolio is worth or do not realize that those pensions and investments are subject to division.

At Lavery Law, our Harrisburg property division lawyers work to ensure that clients receive their fair share of the marital estate, including retirement assets. We address issues of valuation and separate property, and we help clients negotiate retirement savings in the bigger picture of the marital property settlement. Our firm represents men and women in the greater Harrisburg area and surrounding central Pennsylvania.

Hershey Pension And Asset Division Attorneys

Dividing retirement assets is not always straightforward. Our lawyers bring 75-plus years of collective experience in complex property division. We can identify what portion of the retirement assets are considered marital property. For example, contributions to a pension or 401(k) plans prior to marriage generally are considered separate property, while new contributions and increase in value during the marriage are considered marital property.

Retirement assets might include:

  • Private or government pensions
  • 401(k) plans
  • Traditional or Roth IRAs
  • Stock options and profit-sharing
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Investment real estate

What many couples do not realize is that retirement savings are subject to equitable division regardless of which spouse contributed the most money or whose name is listed on the accounts. Sometimes, a spouse has brokerage accounts or other investments kept secret from the other spouse; we work to uncover any hidden or undisclosed assets.

Contact Our Harrisburg Attorneys About Retirement Assets In Divorce

All wealth generated during marriage is generally subject to division in divorce. We work with actuaries to prepare qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs), which divide pension benefits while preserving tax advantages.

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