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Ensuring Fairness In Division Of Marital Estate

In equitable distribution of marital property, one key consideration is whether all assets and sources of income are in fact on the table. While the law requires full disclosure, some spouses are less than forthcoming or have taken intentional measures to hide assets.At Lavery Law, we work to develop a full and accurate picture of the marital pie to ensure that our client is getting his or her fair share. Our lawyers handle divorce settlements and litigation in the greater Harrisburg area and central Pennsylvania.


Tracking Down Hidden Assets Or Unreported Income

The courts rely on honesty and full disclosure in the discovery process. If you suspect that your spouse is holding back or has concealed assets, our legal team will use every available means to uncover the truth. Methods to obtain information include written discovery, subpoenas or court orders to compel disclosure. In an appropriate case, experts may be retained.

Hidden assets may include money in secret bank accounts, brokerage accounts, online accounts or offshore accounts. The missing assets might be in the form of stocks and bonds, real estate, a side business or undeclared income. Sometimes spouses transfer cash or property to family members or friends in anticipation of divorce.

There is no magic bullet for locating undisclosed assets. We know what questions to ask and the likely places to look to uncover assets that rightfully are subject to equitable distribution. Discovered assets increase the marital estate. Moreover, the deceitful spouse loses credibility with the judge, which may work to your advantage in negotiations or in court.

Harrisburg Property Division Attorneys

When one spouse is the high earner or controls the accounts and finances, it is common that the other spouse is not fully aware of what assets are owned, where they are located or what they are worth. At Lavery Law, we use our experience and every legal avenue to make the other party disclose everything.

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