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Resolving Divorce With The Help Of A Third Party

Sometimes spouses who want to resolve their disputes without litigation get stuck. They can’t get past the emotions. They can’t find middle ground. They receive conflicting advice from friends or family.

Mediation can break the impasse or create the environment for a respectful and productive dialogue over complex and highly charged issues. At Lavery Law, we can help you make the most of mediation to avoid litigation or at least define the disputes and streamline the litigation process. Our law firm serves men or women in divorce and custody matters in the greater Harrisburg area and surrounding counties of central Pennsylvania.

Mediation Of Divorce And Child Custody Disputes

Mediation is not required by the family courts of Pennsylvania. You can negotiate a settlement or take your disputes directly to court. However, divorce and custody litigation tend to be expensive and drawn out, and often create more resentment and hostility between the parties.

In mediation, you sit down with a neutral third party (mediator) who is trained to guide the discussion toward fruitful negotiation of a workable settlement. If successful, the resulting property settlement agreement or custody agreement can be reduced to writing and, if necessary, presented to the court for approval.

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