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Helping Clients In Central Pennsylvania Navigate Complex Divorce Matters

Divorce can be an emotional and financial roller-coaster ride, and the laws regarding divorce and property settlement can be complex. The Harrisburg family law attorneys at Lavery Law have a complete understanding of the law and the common sources of conflict in divorces. We are committed to helping you navigate this sometimes intimidating process in the most efficient and stress-free manner possible.

We represent divorcing men and women in the greater Harrisburg area and surrounding counties of central Pennsylvania. We aim to position our clients for favorable outcomes by taking the right steps at the start of the divorce process.

Guidance Through Contested And Uncontested Divorce Issues

Divorce in Pennsylvania can be classified as “fault” or “no-fault.” A typical no-fault divorce or uncontested divorce requires mutual agreement to end the marriage (or one year of living separate and apart). If all issues of property, custody and support are resolved, the parties can be divorced in a few months.

In a fault divorce or contested divorce, one party must establish a marital fault to petition for divorce. Grounds for fault include a spouse’s adultery or bigamy, domestic abuse, desertion or other indignities suffered by the aggrieved spouse. Our attorneys can help prove grounds if the other spouse is resisting divorce, or we can refute unfounded allegations that might have an adverse bearing on the outcome of contested proceedings.

Every divorce is unique. Some contested divorces are a battle over everything, while others are resolved swiftly once grounds are established. And despite amicable intentions, many uncontested divorces require further mediation or negotiation — even litigation — to resolve disputes or clarify the terms of the marital settlement.

Pursuing Your Goals And Protecting Your Interests

Our attorneys bring years of experience to your matter. We can assist in cases involving collaborative divorce and mediation, which can reduce the time, expense and bad blood associated with divorce litigation.

We can address every type and every facet of divorce, from immediate concerns to the long-term considerations:

How Can Our Attorneys Help You?

Having the expertise and guidance of an experienced attorney can expedite the process, facilitate a fair and just resolution, and alleviate many of the fears and uncertainties inherent in the divorce process.

Contact our Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, office today to schedule an initial phone consultation. You can reach us by phone at 717.233.6633 or via email.