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Skilled Representation For Financial Support Of Children

Child support is based on a statewide formula, but the correct calculation depends on accurate information about both parents’ income. There also may be bona fide reasons to deviate from the support guidelines. A qualified family law attorney can protect your interests when child support is determined, or represent you in modifications or enforcement of child support orders.

The law firm of Lavery Law represents divorcing parents or unmarried parents, either the payer or the recipient. Based in Harrisburg, we practice in family courts of Dauphin County, Cumberland County, Perry County, Lebanon County and surrounding counties of central Pennsylvania.

Protecting Your Interests In Child Support Matters

Child support is determined by the Pennsylvania child support guidelines. Domestic relations and ultimately a judge will take the parents’ incomes and several other factors into consideration, including who pays for health insurance and day care, how many overnights the child spends with each parent and other factors.

Child support issues, including modification of existing support orders, are handled through the county domestic relations office. Our Harrisburg attorneys will help file the initial support complaint, prepare for the conference and represent you at the support conference. If the matter is appealed, we will represent you in any hearings before the court.

  • Because the support guidelines are based on the income, it is critical that the domestic relations office has a full picture of the parties’ income. We can step in if a spouse is underreporting income or intentionally underemployed to downplay child support obligations.
  • We also represent clients in demonstrating a change of circumstances — a raise or new job, reduced hours or job layoff — that merits an increase or decrease in the level of child support.
  • If the other parent is not making court-ordered support payments, we can help pursue support enforcement actions to compel the parent to pay arrears.

Contact A Hershey Child Support Modification Attorney

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