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Advocating For Unmarried Parents In Child Custody And Support

Parents who did not marry have the same rights under the law as parents who were legally wed when the child was born. However, there may be friction and legal conflicts when an unmarried father asserts custody rights, when an unwed mother seeks financial support or when the reputed father balks at any obligation to the child.

The law firm of Lavery Law handles paternity, custody, child support, grandparents’ rights and related issues involving unmarried parents. Our lawyers represent mothers and fathers in the greater Harrisburg area and surrounding counties of central Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg Custody Attorneys · Parental Rights And Paternity

Our attorneys bring significant experience in family law, including representation of unwed parents:

  • Men suing to establish paternity — Fathers are entitled to visitation or custody rights, even if the mother has since married or objects to the dad’s involvement.
  • Men denying paternity — A DNA test will determine whether a man is the father, regardless of what the mother claims.
  • Women seeking child support or help with child rearing — The court can compel the father to provide financial support, including child support arrears.
  • Women resisting visitation — The court will consider arguments that the father is unfit to share custody or have unsupervised visitation based on domestic abuse, child abuse, addictions, criminal convictions or other danger to the child.
  • Grandparents’ rights — When unmarried parents split up, grandparents often are refused access to the child. A court may grant scheduled visitation if grandma/grandpa has been involved in the child’s life.

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Once paternity is established, unwed parents have the same standing to seek custody and support as married parents. At Lavery Law, we understand that these can be sensitive situations. Our goal is to assert our clients’ rights, clarify the legal obligations of all parties, and resolve disputes with the minimal expense and conflict. We are prepared to fight for our clients in court when necessary to establish or enforce their rights.

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