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Keeping Dads Involved In The Lives Of Their Children

Fathers have equal rights under the law regarding child custody and visitation. If the mother is deemed unfit or the father is better equipped to be the main caregiver, courts should (and do) award custody to fathers.

However, fathers sometimes encounter barriers and biases, whether they are seeking primary custody or merely seeking reasonable parenting time (visitation). The law firm of Lavery Law in Harrisburg is committed to upholding fathers’ rights in the family courts of Dauphin County, Cumberland County, Perry County, Lebanon County and surrounding jurisdictions of central Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg Parental Rights Attorneys

Our lawyers advocate on behalf of parents — fathers and mothers — in contested custody proceedings. We represent married men who are fighting for custody or visitation in divorce. We also represent unmarried fathers who are asserting their rights to be involved in their son’s or daughter’s life.

Most courts will give fair consideration to fathers. However, sometimes a father’s dedication to providing for his family works against him. If the father works long hours or has to travel frequently, he may get less visitation time. The focus must remain on the best interests of the child.

Our lawyers have extensive experience. We help fathers put their best foot forward in determination of custody, visitation, child support and paternity matters. In appropriate cases, we may involve psychologists, counselors and other experts to further strengthen our client’s case.

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Nothing is more important than your kids. Our role is to stand up for your rights and convince the court that you want to be and deserve to be actively engaged in raising your children.

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